Mattel Bounce-Off Rock 'N' Rollz Game

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Bounce-Off Rock 'N' Rollz Game

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Product Description

Basic Bounce-Off game rules apply, but watch where you bounce these balls! Shifting weight and a tilting board add difficulty as you try to make your design. As soon as the board rocks away from you, it can rock back! Place the Game Tray on the playing surface between players. Players take the balls of their color and place them into their ball holder trays. The game begins when a player draws one of the uniquely designed challenge cards and faces it up. Each player tries to bounce their balls into the tray to match the design on the card. Players keep bouncing until somebody matches the design, and then that player takes the card! Bounce-Off Rock 'N' Rollz offers tons of action-packed fun that tests your skills and coordination. Win the game and declare yourself Master of the Universe. And don't forget the trash talking!